The storyline is centered around a group of three friends living in small town Northern Ontario, calledEugene - in search of their big break, while working in “the biz” as Kids show mascots on the one publicaccess channel. The show they all work on is called “Uncle Ray & Friends Super-Duper Fun Times Show“
Molly's Food Diary:
Molly is an international student from Thailand. She comes to study alone in Canada, one of the most frozen places on earth. She inevitably catches a cold. Lying in her bed, she is sick and hungry. She drags herself out of bed to discover an empty fridge! How will Molly find comfort and healing? She looks through the pantry and fridge for a familiar recipe from home.
//TW//: Domestic Abuse, Death.
Freedom: a three-page-comic exploring the experience of trauma, abuse, and regret.
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